Are You Really Just Going To Believe Peyton?

No not Peyton Manning! Not the poster child for everything good, honest and wholesome in America! He can’t use PED’s. That’s like little Timmy using a cell phone to call for help instead of Lassie. Or the Walton’s not saying goodnight to each other at the end of an episode. Next you’re going to tell me Cliff Huxtable sexually assaulted women in his doctor’s office!

Oh wait, really?

Damn you Cosby.

Wouldn’t it be a great day in sports when we can take an athlete’s word as the truth? Wouldn’t that be nice?

But after Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Ryan Braun, Alex Rodrigues again (I can keep going) you can’t ignore the pattern and not be skeptical.

  • Stage 1: Athlete excels at chosen sport
  • Stage 2: Allegations come out that athlete used Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Stage 3: Athlete adamantly denies any wrongdoing
  • Stage 4: More dirt comes out making denial increasingly difficult
  • Stage 5: Professionally and publicly shamed, athlete finally admits to using PED’s
  • Stage 6: All other athletes still think they won’t get caught

Peyton is at stage 3. Will we ever get to stage 4? Time will tell. What’s shocking is how quick the national media has turned a blind eye to the story. I seriously imagine NFL analysts putting their fingers in their ears running down the hall screaming la-la-la-la-la I’m not listening!

Granted this whole situation is out of left field. It comes courtesy of Al Jazeera, a network not exactly known for their sports acumen. Their lead witness named Charles Sly (best name for a PED dealer ever) recants the story he gave during 27 hours of undercover taping. The journalist who developed the story claims they never accused Peyton Manning of HGH use. They simply reported that shipments of HGH addressed to Ashley Manning (the wife) were sent to different parts of the country in 2011 after showing multiple images of Bronco fans in Manning jerseys during their program.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but that implies something right? And Mrs. Manning wouldn’t be the first wife of a famous athlete involved with receiving HGH. See Debbie Clemens. Last I checked the Rocket has yet to land in Cooperstown.

PRESS: So his wife got shipments of HGH delivered to her in 2011. Big deal.

ME: In 2011 at age 35 Peyton was written off after multiple neck surgeries and a full year out of the league. The Colts replaced him. His career was in jeopardy. Then he gets signed by the Broncos and goes on a two-year tear throwing for over 10,000 yards and 90 touchdowns (that’s a lot), wins another MVP and leads the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

PRESS: Peyton what do you have to say about the Al-Jazeera report?

PEYTON: It’s garbage. I’m hiring former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to handle my public relations involving Sly-Gate.

PRESS: We believe you! Moving on!

ME: What?

Sorry national media but just because you like the accused doesn’t mean you brush off the report as hogwash. Maybe further investigation will prove your boy right.

I like Peyton Manning’s image too. He seems goofy and good-natured. He hocks a decent fast food pizza and that damn Nationwide jiggle is on loop in my head. He’s the everyman who’s won enough to be considered a football legend. But lost enough to remain connected to us the everymen. With any luck he’ll add another accomplishment to his incredible resume.

After denying PED use it was found to be indisputable that Peyton told the truth.

That is, if we don’t get to stage 4 and beyond.



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