Moms Are Awesome And Sexism Is Stupid

There’s been a lot of recent talk in the media about sexism, feminism and the wage gap that women deal with in America. In part the rise of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, as well as recent Hollywood Actresses speaking out against the chauvanistic culture of the entertainment business has sparked more discussion. Say what you will about Clinton’s brand of politics or multi-millionaires who play pretend for a living. The issue is real, looms large and is still unfounded.

This message of prejudice is seemingly lost on men particularly when a women who beat the odds calls them out on inequality in the workplace, pop culture or in general decent behavior. It’s as if some nonsensical machismo part of a man’s brain kicks in its own brand of adrenaline relegating the most intellectual down to prehistoric neanderthal beliefs.

Of course the disparity of power between the sexes has been a historical battle fought throughout the world. Some cultures remain unchanged while others are more progressive. Even in America sexism has been prevalent from the very beginning when our revolutionary forefathers thought women didn’t deserve to vote.

Thankfully we’ve progressed from that if only 96 years ago.

But for every dude who thinks they’re the bread winner, the caretaker, the dominant species, and the one who should get more just because …

Try telling that to your Mom.

Yeah, you know, the woman who brought you into this world. The woman who fed you, kept you warm, and wiped your ass when you couldn’t. The one who carried you in her stomach for 9 months while you sat there in the fetal position expanding her waistline and forcing a new unflattering wardrobe upon her. The one who ate the most ridiculous things at all hours of the day because you said so. The one you kicked in the gut every so often for no reason and the one who went through hours of hell to bring your slimy, screaming red face into this world.

Damn that cake was bigger than me!
BTW, Thanks Mom! Sorry. Love You!


Moms are the backbone of society. And they happen to be women, the gender that struggles with equal career and wage opportunities, sociological slight and general ignorance. 

Granted, not all women are Moms. But over 7 billion people got into this world from somewhere and those women sacrificed more for us than we can imagine, not just socially or emotionally, but economically as well.

They’re your caregiver when you can’t take care of yourself even if they have to work 2-3 jobs to do it. They’re your teacher even when you don’t want to listen. They’re your best friend because nobody knows you better than the person who carried you inside of them. You laugh with each other, embarrass each other, and laugh at each other. Nothing else matters when you’re sick or hurt. They’ll make it better. They’re a pillar of strength when you need one.

And they’ll love you no matter what. Even if you grow up to be a male chavenist who contributes toward the ideology of men being superior to women.

That’s right guys your Mom will still love you even if you don’t completely respect her gender.

She’ll listen to your problems even after you hired an unqualified man instead of the overqualified woman. (Who might be or will be a Mom).

She’ll still hug you even if you pay your female employees less than the men for the same position.

And she’ll still provide for you no matter how many times you swipe right or left on Tinder.

That’s why Mom’s are awesome and sexism is stupid. The very notion of gender inequality is a direct slap in the face to the person who gave you life and loves you unconditionally.

You might as well kick them in the gut again for no good reason.

If you love and respect your Mom, perhaps the scales of gender injustice should be more balanced. And past, current and future Moms can get a fair shake for just how special their contributions to life are. That way, everyday can be Mothers Day.

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