Things To Remember About Friday The 13th

Relax. It’s 1 day. And for those that get extra creeped out on Friday The 13th the Greek version of your phobia is as ridiculous as the superstition itself.

FYI it’s Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Say that 3 times to the mirror in a candle lit bathroom!

This year we only have 1 Friday the 13th to deal with. Today. There’s also supposed to be a full moon tonight too. Double superstitious whammy.

But here’s some things to keep in mind to ease your worry about the tumultuous date.

1. It’s Only 24 Hours Long

It’s not even 24 hours. More than likely between the early morning and late night you’re sleeping off at least 6-8 hours of the day. Can’t sleep? There’s stuff for that.  And if you’re reading this, the curse of Friday the 13th didn’t take you in your sleep. Congratulations you’re winning the day already!

2. They Don’t Make Hockey Masks Like They Used To

Today the only time Jason could find his iconic mask is around Halloween which is the 31st. (oooohhhh backwards 13!)

I’d also recommend the buddy system in the woods at anytime of day.

Seriously though have you seen today’s hockey masks in the NHL?

Okay probably not but take it from me, they’re super bulky! Way more likely to slow down a serial killer. Hell with all the graphics and stuff on the sides of them they’re practically works of art. How can something so colorful be so intimidating?


3. Noises Are Just Noises

You can be superstitious if you want. But most of the time there’s a simple cause for noises. Especially if you live in an old house. Floorboards creak, wind wreaks havoc, burners randomly kick on and no matter how clean you are there’s probably a critter or 20 hanging out in your house.

And just remember, if your house is haunted it’s not just haunted on Friday the 13th.

You’ve got a 365 day problem.

4. Cliches Are What They Are

And I wouldn’t worry about them.

Wonder what got to this poor fella?

Seriously, isn’t everyone hip to all the tricks of demons, spooks, and specters thanks to the barrage of horror movies out there?

Then why do you think they’re going to come at you that way? Are you saying things from beyond the grave can’t be creative?


And what the hell are you doing in a graveyard anyway? The dead don’t even want to be there!

Seriously, if something supernatural or evil is going to happen to you, you probably won’t see it coming. So why worry about it?

5. Hotels Are Your Safest Bet

Many hotel chains are just as superstitious as you and avoid a 13th floor, or a room number 13 on a floor. But I will say you should probably stay away from floor and room number 14 too just in case the evil spirits you’re trying to avoid are smarter than that.

6. Whatever Happened To Lucky Number 13?

If you’re Italian like me than 13 is a lucky number. Gamblers like the number 13 too.

You know what’ll happen if you go to a casino on Friday the 13th and keep betting the number 13? You’ll eventually lose all your money.

You know what’ll happen on the other 364 days?

The same thing.


And before you blame the day’s occurrences and annoyances on a date, I say try to find the bright side in the following scenarios.


7. Oh No You Saw a Black Cat!

When you saw it yesterday or a week ago you didn’t think twice about it. Leave the poor stray a bowl of food and milk. Be nice to the cat and reverse the psychology on that bad karma!

8. I Can’t Find My…

Cause a ghost took it right? Or you’re a slob and your keys, phone, wallet etc. is buried under something. Or you’re developing the early stages of Dementia rather than something  demented playing a trick on you. Either way, it’s not the date.

Wait didn’t you forget something yesterday? Guess what you’ll probably forget something tomorrow too.

9. Traffic Was So Much Worse Today

If this is the worst part of your day you’re doing okay.

First of all traffic happens all the time not just on the 13th.

Second of all whoever caused the traffic is having a worse Friday the 13th than you. Feel better? You should. It’s the end of the work week!

10. Your Favorite Sports Team Is Going To Lose

Or they’ll win. Just like any other day they have a 50/50 chance of either circumstance. Teams lose on other days too. And if you’re an extra superstitious New England sports fan remember…

The Celtics’ season is over.

So is the Bruins’.

The Patriots don’t start football season for another 4 months.

And the Red Sox have 127 more games to go. 1’s not gonna kill them.

11. People Are Extra Weird Today

No they’re not. You run into people that suck everyday. You’re just either running into extra people or they’re more on edge about a superstitious day than you.

They probably thought you were extra weird too.

12. Alone and Scared?

So don’t be alone. It’s Friday night. Go out with your friends and enjoy life!

13. I Was Born on Friday The 13th

Um…….  Good luck to you my friend!

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