Dreams Are So Annoying, And Necessary

There are those who read into dreams and those who don’t. There are some who remember their dreams every night and some who can’t recall anything from their night of slumber.

Then there are some who can never recall anything at all awake or asleep. Ignorance is bliss after all.

You may be the type who romanticizes over the possibility of dream interpretation leading to some neurobiological sixth sense, or some metaphysical connection to a better you. But more often than not you’re going to wake up in the morning without remembering a thing about your dreams. That doesn’t mean you didn’t have one. And if you don’t wake up in the morning not having dreams will be the least of your worries. I don’t know about you but I’ve pretty much broken down my dreams into the following categories.

Dreams can be fun.

They can launch you into far away lands both historic and contemporary, blurring the lines of reality, fantasy and whatever other messed up thoughts are cooped up in your subconscious. Party dreams are the best. Especially the ones on exotic beaches, a booze filled coconut, the celebrity crush your partner’s ok with and the one they’re not. Of course you don’t have this dream that often. And let’s be honest. It’s kind of depressing when you realize it’s only a dream. And going back to sleep never works!

Dreams can be scary and hard work.

Have you ever had that one when you’re running forever? I can never tell if I’m running away or toward something. All I know is I’m moving slower than a slug in a tar pit and it’s annoying. Unless there’s a tiny little light I can see ahead. At least then I know I’m in a tunnel.

What about the one where you’re underwater trying to reach the surface for air but your dream stuck you in the deepest part of the ocean where a Megalodon might still exist? Do you have any idea how tiring it is to doggy paddle for 8 hours? Yes, doggy paddle. Apparently in my drowning/swimming dream I’m a terrible swimmer too. I guess that’s supposed to mean something.

What about the one when you’re falling forever and even though you know it’s a dream you still have that anxious flutter in your chest? Do you bother to look down? I don’t.

I also don’t usually remember these dreams vividly, but dammit if I can’t feel them in the morning. And if you’re going to tell me dreams aren’t physically taxing you try running, swimming and falling all night long!

Dreams can reflect your mistakes.

Why are those always the ones I remember?  I already spent all day awake regretting that series of events. I’ve replayed that awful conversation, confrontation and annoying conclusion in my head over and over. It’s like my Italian Grandmother put a subconscious curse on me as a kid to always feel guilty even when I’m sleeping! I’m trying to sleep so I can forget about it already!

And the worst part about dreams when you remember them? You always wake up before the closure comes.

But all in all we need dreams.

The day you stop dreaming is both literary and figuratively the day you die.

Dreams give us purpose. And not always what your purpose is but what you want your purpose to be.

Dreams drive us to achieve.

Dreams tell us more about who we are than anyone or anything can tell you.

Dreams teach us how to face rejection, denial, and obstacles.

Sometimes dreams teach us how to fail.

And that’s the hardest part of dreaming. The thought of never reaching your goal is scary.

What if I never get to the light at the end of the tunnel, the surface for air, the bottom?

What if I never get to have a coconut cocktail on an exotic beach?

What if all I ever get from my dreams is regret?

The beauty of dreams is we can keep dreaming. And when you’re awake you have control of chasing them, conquering them and enjoying them.

What are your dreams? Did you give up on them? Are you still having that one where you’re running, swimming or falling? Then a part of you hasn’t quite thrown in the towel yet.

If your dreams don’t quite work out the way you thought they would adjusting them or coming up with a new one is easy. Subconsciously we do it all the time when we sleep. Why not do it when we’re awake?

That doesn’t mean the new dream will be easier or less cryptic. But as long as you dare to dream and chase it, you’ll always have a Purpose.

And on the day you achieve it, make sure you have a cocktail in a coconut even if it’s not on a beach with your celebrity crush.


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