More Amazing Artists

Once a month I get the opportunity to see local artists in my neck of the woods showcase their latest projects. What’s great about these nights is the diversity of visual art you see.

Sure there’s your typical painters and sculptors that all do amazing work.

But you also get to see the artistry of woodworkers, jewelry makers, ceramic artists, illusionists, graphic artists and a whole lot of other undefinable artists who don’t deserve to be pigeonholed.Untitled

It’s amazing to hear direct from the artist’s mouths what compels them to create. You also realize there’s a whole lot of purpose and thought that goes behind everything they do as well as loads of research.


It definitely makes you appreciate and understand their work a lot more.

With so much creativity blossoming around you it’s hard to not be captivated. I hope you’ll give my latest Art Night review a read  Here and don’t forget to check back for more updates and photos of the talent around Rhode Island’s East Bay.

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