I always feel these things come out sounding terribly pretentious. Yeah, I’ve done some cool stuff. Haven’t we all?


Well what the hell are you waiting for? You only get one life and if you’DSC_0098re not doing what you truly have a passion for then get with it! Admittedly, it’s not easy. Fulfillment rarely is and big risks get involved. But they often yield big rewards.

In case you haven’t figured it out I’m the gentleman in the fedora to the left. I like hats. If you can wear them well they’re a fashionable accessory. Especially for guys like me who are learning to adopt the phrase “grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.” But I wasn’t always smart enough to appreciate that majestic view behind me. That’s where I grew up. Bristol, RI. But I moved away at 18 for central New York. I thought I knew cold. Oops.

After freezing my butt off graduating from Syracuse University I took a big risk and drove cross-country to be a writer and producer in Los Angeles, California.  If it’s really the city of angels then heaven has a big smog cloud around it. But Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean were too alluring for that 22 year old film fanatic.

I find it’s hard to be creative when you’re hungry no matter how much coffee you drink. So I started climbing up the television producing ranks. 8 years passed and I got to work with amazingly talented people in challenge and art departments for some of the biggest competition shows on network television. Yup, I made games for a living. As a whole, writing and producing entertainment is something I enjoy and hope to continue doing for a long time.

But in 2015 something was missing for me besides my family who were 3000 miles away. I missed having the time for my true passion. So I took another big risk and moved back to the New England area to start over.

Here’s what you really need to know. I love to write. Seriously. I could sit in front of a computer screen all day if my eyes let me. That’s why sometimes I trade the keyboard for an old-fashioned pen and notebook. Or a leather bound journal like this one.DSC_0099

What do I write? EVERYTHING! Well maybe not everything but anything’s worth trying once. Give my blog, The Court of MVB a read for my latest musings about whatever comes to mind. Or, if you’re looking to hire a writer/producer head over to my Professional Profile. There you’ll find my resume, skills and sample work I’ll be continually updating.

To be a great writer, you have to commit and do it. Often. Great stories inspire others. They spur on debate; leaving us questioning what we thought or how we perceived the world before. That’s a literary level I strive to someday achieve. Until then, I hope you find your true passion and a way to embrace it too.



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