You’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of “freelance writers” on the web today who claim they can offer you the best results for your company. I think it’s for 3 reasons.

  1. The Internet is growing everyday along with the demand for web content that generates traffic to your site.
  2. It’s really easy to design a webpage, throw up a few writing samples DSC_0089and type…“I’m a freelance writer that can offer you the best results for your company.”
  3. Not everybody who claims to be a freelance writer understands what it takes to be a good one.

I humbly pledge never to fall under reasons 2 and 3. They’re not profitable for you or me.

Online marketing, SEO, and copywriting continue to develop with new software, business models, strategies and time. It’s a continuing education not an instant one.

Pinpointing and developing the right ideas with the right strategy while writing the right words takes…

  • Research
  • Adaptability
  • Perspective
  • Dedication
  • Communication
  • Follow Through

I pair these disciplines with my writing expertise to offer you a freelance creative professional for your online content needs. That’s my skill set. That’s what I offer that others won’t.

This has been my recipe for success throughout my professional career as a successful freelance writer and producer in the television industry. You can view my resume and credits by clicking here.

Hollywood, much like the Internet has no shortage of “freelance writers” or “producers”.

Yet over an 8-year period of writing and pitching hundreds of creative concepts, copy and scripts, I helped develop…

  • 19 seasons of television while producing over 250 television segments
  • For 7 different networks including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • For 11 different production companies, while adapting to their own protocol, language, style, budget and culture
  • Based on reputation and recommendation alone

That last part doesn’t happen unless I can…

  • Market myself as a valuable creative commodity
  • Write pitches that sell the creative content I’m proposing to clients
  • Create that content once it’s sold
  • Generate millions of viewers with that content
  • Build solid relationships through quality of work and ease of working with

Still reading? Good, so will your target audience!

You’re not just hiring the writer in me; you’re hiring my development, project managing, problem solving, and client relations experience. My clients just happened to be executive producers for TV shows that told stories. Let’s tell your business’s story together and make it more profitable.

Warmest Regards,


You can contact me here anytime. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

I’m also available by phone Monday-Friday from 9:00am until 6:00pm at 401-787-1556.

For a look at my basic rates click here.

Feel free to look through my writing portfolio to see my most recent work. I look forward to your finished project making its way here too!



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